Engage in Social Media or Lose Customers

Now is the time to engage in a social media marketing campaign or prepare to loss customers. If your business or company does not harness the power of social media to interact with their customers, you will be left behind…your customers will be scooped up by a company that has embraced social media as a viable, necessary marketing tool.

For years most of the big banks through out North America barely had to lift a finger to acquire and retain customers. Now, since the financial meltdown, they must change their tune and march to the beat of the social crowd…or be left in the dust.

It’s something that these former, seemingly indestructible giants are not grasping very quickly…but as when Coke comes out with a new and improved Coke Zero…Pepsi is not far behind with their new and improved Pepsi. When a software developer comes out with some new software to help a companies productivity…a couple months later their competition has the same thing out in the market place.

It’s the forward thinking companies that have embraced social media as a reliable tool to add to their marketing plan, that will not only survive, but they will flourish. Why do you think some of the biggest, and most successful corporations in the world have embraced social media, and have produced fantastic results.

Companies such as…Wal-Mart, PepsiCo, IBM, Starbucks and many more have produced some amazing results with their innovative campaigns. By allowing your customers to interact with all facets of your business, it gives them the feeling of being involved in something bigger then themselves.

A business associate of mine, Teri Mason, CIO - Best In Online Business Optimization.Com - spells out the importance of social networking sites, and why your business must embrace them or be left behind.

Why Social Media Marketing is a must in small business

Starbucks uses ‘Starbucks Ideas’ for allowing their customers to contribute useful ideas that may be implemented in the Starbucks business.

This is the ultimate in customer created content that also helps Starbucks keep in touch with their customers. It’s believed that each follower that Starbucks has is worth over $3 each…and they have 7.4 million Facebook fans, 901,925 Twitter followers and 6,509 YouTube subscribers…so you do the math.

These companies became the biggest because they were always looking for a way to improve and stay a head of their competition. They saw the potential reach that the Facebooks and Twitters of the world could bring, and jumped aboard.

Thinking outside the box is a vital component in today’s business world…with so much competition out there, you have to try and use every competitive advantage to stay a head.

Social media marketing is only getting bigger, and there’s no end in site. It’s part of the digital media advertising landscape forever. Adding a social campaign to your overall marketing plan is essential for your companies customer retention and loyalty, and growing your bottom line.

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