Remembering a Childhood Lesson Goes A Long Way In Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Remember when you were a little kid, like 4 or 5, and one of your brothers, sisters, cousins, friends wanted to play with one of your toys? What was the one thing most every parent would say?…’Be nice and SHARE your things’…well now, the social media networks allow you to share your things with millions of people around the world.

It’s really the exact same concept that our parents used to try and teach us…share with others and you’ll receive more back in return. With the staggering evolution of the social networks like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc…we now have the ability to share our information, services, opinions, products and such with millions of people all over the world.

The whole premise of the social networks is to allow people share their stories, experiences both good and bad, opinions, reviews and so on…about whatever they are passionate about. With the technology of these networks, we now have the tools to search out the exact target niche market that you are interested in, or are promoting for business purposes, and follow along.

The keys to giving without want is providing someone with something of great value, which will ultimately help them solve a problem in their life. Now just trying to go out and share your affiliate link or website address on Twitter or FaceBook, without giving something first, is really like putting the ‘mule ahead of the cart’…it just won’t work, so don’t waste your time and energy doing it.

The more relevant and meaningful information or service you can provide, on a consistent basis, the greater your end return will be. Your ROI – Return On Investment – will be able to be measured in a very accurate and precise method. And really, the only thing that it’s going to cost you is you time and effort, since all the social networking sites are free to join and use.

Even thought there is no cost to join FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the others, you still have to have a plan of action to get the most from your efforts. Posting and tweeting several times a day, everyday, is where to start. But you’ll also want to follow the conversations that are going on in your niche. This goes back to posting something that is relevant and current in your niche market…something that will help others.

Not only are these social networks a vital part of any marketing plan, there are others that must be included as well. Posting your comments on relevant blogs, answering questions and monitoring conversations on forums, using wiki’s to start or add on too existing definitions…are just a few more avenues where you can network with like minded people.

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