Ron Richardson, Founder of Social Media Management Experts, with dedicated, passionate people to handle all your companies social media marketing needs. Proven strategies - Proven results!

Ron owns and operates several online and offline companies, including Business Opp News but has now moved most of his attention towards the social media scene by helping individuals or any size business grow their online presence and social status, therefore, helping them achieve greater customer acquisitions, customer retention, customer loyalty and of course, greater profits.

At Social Media Management Experts, we have a qualified network of virtual assistants, web designers, SEO experts, graphic designers, copywriters and more. If it can't be done by Social Media Management Experts...we know where to get it done right!

While these VA's do some of the work, it is all overseen by Ron, as well as the development of a specific social media marketing package or an entire marketing package that fits with our clients wants and needs.

'I love the fact that companies are realizing the importance of social media marketing as a primary source of their advertising spending. I also love the fact that here at Social Media Management Experts, we have the ability to help our clients realize significant increases in all areas of their business.'

The social media revolution is here...and it's here to stay, so let's get social now!!!

Discover the Booming Opportunities and Proven Path to Starting a Successful Career as a Virtual Assistant - Guaranteed!

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